About Us

The North Carolina Assets Alliance is a 400-member state-wide coalition representing 147 organizations: public, private and non-profit institutions whose vision is to expand economic opportunity and build a more stable financial future for all North Carolinians.


The N.C. Assets Alliance educates the public and policymakers about asset-based strategies that can connect households and communities with to work, income supports, and opportunities to generate savings and build and protect assets.


A core set of shared values underlies our work.

  • Interdependence: The success of our households, businesses, government and communities is interdependent.
  • Opportunity: All North Carolinians have an equitable opportunity to participate in the economy.
  • Prosperity: All North Carolinians share in the state‚Äôs prosperity.


The N.C. Assets Alliance

  • shares information about emerging practice, research and policy opportunities,
  • develops and promotes a state asset policy agenda
  • educates policymakers and decision makers about issues affecting low- and moderate-income households in the state.

The N.C. Assets Alliance gratefully acknowledges the financial support and technical assistance of the following organizations:

C.S. Mott Foundation
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
Annie E. Casey Foundation
North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities
Center for Social Development, Washington University
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
Bank of America